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Dept IESA, José María Foces Morán, PTEU, IESA.

Arquitectura, Diseño y Gestión de Redes (ADG)

Computer Networks (CN)

Questions and Answers about CNPro

  1. Technical sheet of CNPro

    • CNPro is the Final Practical of CN in the cademic year 2014. It consists of several works which are listed in the following paragraphs. In order for a student's submission to be evaluated she must first pass an authorship and minimum proficiency exam. The final CNPro grade will be based upon the Practical and the exam grade. If the exam grade is Fail, then, that will not affect the final grade obtained by the student. CNPro is optional altogether, it is not necessary to pass CN (Grade > 5) and it cannot be used to obtain the Pass mark whatsoever, it only counts if all exams have been passed (Ex1 - Ex5).
    • Exam Type: (Multianswer quiz, single-answer quiz, short questions and exercises based on the topics covered by the Practical)
    • Submission details:
      • Submit writeup document in pdf format + compressed sources by 19/June/2014 HARD DEADLINE. Send to foces.informatica.unileon at gmail.com
      • Writeup must contain a brief explanation of what you have done, including the main results and conclusions and also the necessary compilation/build/test/execute instructions
      • Writeup must be original and conclusions and results must be sufficiently supported by the included data. All programs must be correctly and sufficiently commented
    • Tentative Available Practical Topics: In all the following cases, the maximum grade will be granted on the basis of functional correction of the programs, sufficient and correct documentation and tests and the original contributions in the richness and the design of the involved algorithms. These comments and guidelines will be extended and developed frequently until 18/6/2014.
      • Layer-2 programming in C
      • Dijkstra algorithm in Java. In this exercise we seek to simulate a network comprised of a number of IP routers executing the OSPF routing protocol, the routers bootup and discover their directly-connected networks and from that moment on the begin to flood the network with their LSPs, finally, nodes execute the Dijkstra's algorithm for computing their own routing tables.
      • Design and implementation of a Cisco VLAN + Iptables network
      • Ethernet simulation in Java
      • Bellman-Ford simulation
      • IP network partitioning program in Java: Simulate various subnetting/partitioning strategies, not only the non-increasing order explained in the Lab. The strategies devised by you should guarantee that their base IP addresses are properly size aligned.
      • Network utilization simulation with random numbers and the Binomial distribution
    • Language: English or Spanish. Those students wishing to complete their CNPro in English must inform me
    • Exam location, date and time: Classroom bulding, classroom no. 12. Thursday 19/June/2014 at 14:45. Please, be on time.
    • Duration of the examination: about 35 min
    • In-class materials: Scientific calculator
      Use of laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. is not allowed
      You must show your National Identity Card (DNI) or University ID if required to do so
      You must write your DNI (Only the DNI) on all the exam sheets, in no case will you be allowed to write down your name or signature on them