Universidad de León

Dept IESA, José María Foces Morán, PTEU, IESA.

Arquitectura, Diseño y Gestión de Redes (ADG)

Computer Networks (CN)

Questions and Answers about Ex5 of CN (Academic year 2014)

  1. Technical sheet of Ex5

    • Exam Type: (Multianswer quiz, single-answer quiz, short questions and exercises)
      In all Quiz questions at least one option must be ticked
      Multianswer Quiz questions will be marked "[ M ]":
      In this type of questions if you mark only the correct options you get full credit of 1 point, if you mark only some of the correct options, you get a proportional grade; if you mark incorrect options the grade is reduced proportionally to the number of non-to-be-marked options present in the question.
      In single-answer questions only one of the several options available must be ticked in order to obtain the full credit (1 point), if the answer is correct you get 1 point, otherwise you get 0 points.
      Short questions and exercises count 1 point each, except where explicitly specified; credit will be written between brackets like the following: "[2]".
    • Contents covered:
      - Lectures and Labs (Cisco Lan Switching/IOS + VLANs + CISCO/Linux Static + RIP routing, 2 weeks) up to and including those of 3/May/2014
      - Textbook chapter sections 3.3, 3.3.1, 3.3.2, 3.3.3, 5.1
    • Recommended exercises:
      - Chapter 3: 46, 48, 49, 62. Chapter 5: 1
      - Thoroughly review the exercises proposed in Ex 4, especially those related with IP forwarding, network subnetting (partitioning) and the forwarding and routing tables
    • Language: English or Spanish. Those students willing to complete their exam in english must send me an e-mail to foces.informatica.unileon at gmail.com by 9/June/2014 with their request, then, in the exam I will hand them the exam in English and in Spanish.
    • Location, date and time: Building: Technology I, Classroom no. 4 (Edificio Tecnológico 1, Aula 4), Thursday 12/June/2014 at 16:00. Please, be on time.
    • Duration of the examination: about 35 min
    • In-class materials: Scientific calculator
      Use of laptops, tablets, mobile phones, etc. is not allowed
      You must show your National Identity Card (DNI) or University ID if required to do so
      You must write your DNI (Only the DNI) on all the exam sheets, in no case will you be allowed to write down your name or signature on them